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Spintex, Inc. is primarily a manufacturer of plastic injection molds with manufacturing facilities in both the USA and Japan. With our main office in the Chicago area, we spend a major portion of our efforts delivering highly specialized molds for major automotive suppliers throughout the Midwest and to the far corners of the world as new automotive plants open up in new markets. Spintex molds are constructed to meet the expectations of the most meticulous standards. Standards with such elaborate designs that often require hundreds or nearly thousands of core parts that must match as perfectly as possible together so it is crucial for us to hold tolerance within five microns.

Our customers recognize Spintex as the supplier they trust to deliver the most complex and difficult projects. The most challenging designs always come our way because we are our customers most safest and secure choice when they cannot afford to take chances. The superiority of Spintex craftsmanship has been able to keep the company running strong through turbulent times in a volatile industry. Nevertheless, we realize how important it is for us to always strive to improve our operations if we expect to continue to keep our status as our customers most dependable supplier.

Equally important, we believe that tools built to the highest standards must come with service to the highest standards. We are just as willing to take on smallest of mold maintenance work as we are with taking large quantity mold projects. We can cover all aspects of mold manufacturing from design to production and we are not limited to only plastic injection molds or the automotive industry. Scheduling updates, procedure reports, quality inspection analysis and attentive communications provide our customers everything they could possibly need to monitor the status of their tools. Moreover we are always happy to show our appreciation when we are awarded to work with any of our valued customers.

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